Radiate Confidence

A You Glow, Girl! Retreat for girls 10 - 16 years old



All girls are beautiful and deserve to celebrate their unique abilities & personality.

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  • Expert speakers sharing invaluable insights.
  • Engaging activities to boost confidence and self-belief.
  • Breakout sessions for tweens & mothers separately & activities to do together.
  • Goodie bags filled with surprises and empowering goodies.
  • Lunch & Snacks provided.
  • Optional Upgrade: Separate Day of Mother-Daughter Portrait Sessions including optional couture gowns & accessories for mother & daughter to wear. Includes a 16x20 frame with Matted 11x14 print of your choice. A wonderful way to celebrate your mother-daughter bond and to capture the innate beauty of each participant individually.

Support the Radiate Confidence Retreat!

We are grateful for the outpouring of support and inquiries on how you can contribute to the Radiate Confidence Retreat in 2024. While we are not currently a non-profit organization, we've established a simple and secure way for you to contribute to this empowering cause. Click the "Donate" button below to make a contribution through PayPal. Your generous donation will directly contribute to creating a transformative experience for young girls, fostering confidence, self-love, and a deeper connection to their unique purpose. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us sow seeds of empowerment and radiance. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

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Other Ways to Contribute

Not all contributions come in the form of financial donations, and we deeply appreciate any support offered. If you'd like to contribute in other meaningful ways, here are a few options:

  1. Gown Donations: We are seeking gown donations for tweens, teens, and mothers in excellent condition. If you have gently used gowns that could bring joy to someone else, we would be thrilled to accept them.
  2. Accessories Donation: Crowns, tiaras, and other accessories add a magical touch to our portrait sessions. If you have accessories in good condition that you'd like to donate, they will surely make our sessions even more special.
  3. Volunteer Opportunities: Planning and executing an event like the Radiate Confidence Retreat requires dedicated hands and hearts. If you have skills in event planning or are passionate about mentoring young girls, consider joining our team as a volunteer or table leader.

Your non-monetary contributions play a crucial role in making this event a success. Contact us if you're interested in contributing in any of these ways.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Radiate Confidence community!


What age is this event for?

This event is designed for girls ages 11 - 16 years old.

Do parents need to attend this event with their daughters?

For the Spring 2024 event, this will be designed as a mother-daughter event. The mother or female guardian will be expected to attend.

What time is this event?

Doors will open for registration at 9:30 a.m.. The event will start promptly at 10 a.m. We expect the entire event to be 4 hours and should end at 2p.m., however, Christina will photograph the girls until all have had a chance to have their portrait taken.

Is their a faith component to this retreat?

Yes. As a Catholic woman, Christina believes that we are all God's creation. God doesn't make mistakes when he chooses which body we are granted at conception. It is our honor and blessing to have the bodies we are in and we should treat them as the temple of the Holy Spirit. Each individual has beauty in them and that is what we want to recognize & celebrate. Christina will emphasize this occasionally during the session. Our other speakers are also Christian women and may include some faith components as they speak to the girls.

Is wardrobe included for the portrait session?

Christina has a growing collection of dresses and gowns for teens & tweens along with a collection of gowns from her client closet for adult women. She also plans to rent a variety of sizes of gowns specifically for the weekend of the mother-daughter portrait sessions. You are welcome to choose from any of the available gowns for you & your daughter to wear. Most dresses will fit girls from size 8 - 12 (girls) or women from 2 - 12. Gown fittings are available for the outfits from Christina's personal Client Closet. However, rental gowns are limited in sizes. Please reach out early with your size requests and we will do our best to make accommodations. We also suggest bringing outfits that coordinate and are your own personal style.

What if I don't want my daughter to wear makeup?

As a mom of 3 young girls herself, Christina understands not wanting your daughter to wear makeup at such a young age. For her own daughter's session she only had on mascara and a nearly clear lip gloss. If you decide to not have makeup applied to your daughter and want her to be shown in her natrually beautiful state, we are all for it!

How will we choose out daughters image?

During registration, you will select a date & time to come with your daughter to Christina's studio, in Lemoore, to select your favorite image to be printed as an 11x14 print.

Will additional images be available for purchase?

Yes! Christina will show you all of the best images of your daughter at your selection appointment. Additional prints will be available for purchase at current pricing, with no obligation to purchase more. All prints include a digital copy for social media as well.

I'm worried about my daughter's pride and incorporating makeup & emphasizing beauty.

As a mother, I completely understand. The focus of this retreat will be on inner beauty and not comparing oneself to others - whether that is other young girls or women in the media or on social media. The speakers will talk about using beauty products only to enhance one's own natural beauty, not to change the way we look. We are all beautiful daughters of God and each is an amazing, unique creation of His.

A Note From Christina

Did you know a girl's self-esteem peaks at age 9?

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Why did I choose this project?

As a mother of 5, including 3 girls, one of which is currently in the pre-teen age range, and one will be in just a short two years, I want to encourage my daughters to pursue their passions and know that they are beautiful works of art created by God. I remember my own formative years and remember how self-conscious I was, and I can already see my daughters dealing with confidence on a daily basis. It hurts to see our children doubt themselves and I want to empower them and show them that they can do anything they dream of. They are capable, caring, smart, talented & beautiful young ladies. If I can help them FEEL that during a 2 hour session and then they can remember how they felt each time they see their beautiful portrait in our home, then I want to do that. I want that for every young lady. When you feel good, you do good. And we all need a little more good in the world.

You Glow, Girl!

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Meet Christina

As a child, the only portraits Christina had of herself were the awkward school portraits every year. Our family was never displayed on the walls of our home. It wasn't for lack of love, just that her single mother was too busy working multiple jobs and caring for five children...and before she knew it, Christina was off to college and married and starting a family of her own.

Christina's mission as a photographer became clear over a decade ago. To help her clients preserve their precious memories of their children & families and to celebrate every stage of a child's life and decorate her clients' homes with beautiful custom artwork of what is most important - FAMILY. Artwork that matters.

No matter what stage your child is in, there is no wrong time to have him or her photographed. We invite you to set up a time to meet with us for a portrait consultation to see how to create heirloom artwork for you and your family to enjoy.

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