A Year of Priceless Moments

From the moment your baby arrives, life becomes an adventure filled with countless firsts, giggles, and heartwarming moments. Cherish every step of your little one's journey with our "Baby's First Year Ever Baby Plan."

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Life moves fast in the first year.

Do you have a plan to capture your baby’s important milestones?

Your precious little one changes so quickly, and those big changes may be forgotten without the right photograph to capture the memory. Imagine a series of images that would allow you to watch the personality of your baby unfold in a year-long story.


  • Perfect for babies less than 2 weeks old.
  • In-studio session capturing the magic in a 2-3 hour session.
  • Preserve the earliest memories of your little one.

Newborn & Milestones

  • Comprehensive package featuring 4 sessions. + A BONUS family session - 5 sessions!
  • Includes Newborn Session, Baby Milestones, and a Bonus Family Session.
  • Enjoy significant savings when you choose this bundle.

Baby Milestones

  • Sessions at key milestones: Pushing up (3 months), Sitting (6 months), Cake Smash (1 year).
  • Each session a unique chapter in your baby's story.
  • Capturing their growth, curiosity, and personality.

When you bundle together the Newborn Session and Milestones Sessions to create your Baby’s First Year Ever Plan, we will gift you a FREE BONUS FAMILY SESSION!! (usually done at 9 months).

Images are not included in your baby plan enrollment fees.

Prints, albums, frames and digital collections are sold separately and are available for purchase at your ordering appointment.

Capturing the adventure is easy

  1. Let’s chat. We talk through what you want and how we can help you.
  2. Schedule your first session. We know you’re busy and every baby has a different schedule, so pick the time that works best for you!
  3. Choose your photographs. Sit with our photographer a few days after your session to select and purchase your favorite portraits.
  4. Enjoy memories of your baby for a lifetime! Within a few short weeks your portraits will be ready to hang in your home or give as gifts.

We capture the important milestones in your baby’s first year

Each session is geared towards a different milestone. The sessions can last from 45 minutes to an hour with plenty of time reserved in case of the unexpected. We encourage you to bring in props, stuffed animals and anything that has sentimental meaning to you. Prior to each session we will email you tips on preparing for that session. We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at the beginning! We have a wide variety of items in our studio to use for each and every session. Between our collection and yours it is guaranteed that your baby’s portraits will be unique and beautiful!


Pushing Up

Sitting Up

1st Birthday


What We Offer

For members of our baby plan, we offer a wide variety of packages and a-la-carte options – wall portraits for your home, luxurious designer albums, gift portraits for family and friends and much more. Stop by our studio any day to see samples of everything we offer and talk with us about ways we can plan the perfect year worth of portraits for your family.

After each session you will come back for a viewing and ordering appointment. On a 55″ flat screen you will view your baby’s portraits in a slide show and then work with your personal design consultant to select your favorite images to order. Not sure how an image will look on your wall? No problem. Our software allows you to send us an image of your home from your cell phone and then we can import it directly to the program and project your images on your wall! You can see the exact size as it would look in your home before you order it!

Desk Sized Prints

Framed Portraits for Your Desk & Walls

Digital Collections with complimentary prints

Legacy Albums


the most sought after of all our baby products – our uniquely designed custom designer acrylic cover artbooks. If you sign up for an album plan this is what you are working towards all year. Of course you can’t fully appreciate these albums until you stop by the studio and hold one in your hands! We invite you to stop by as our guest at any time.

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Capture the most important moments of Baby's First Year Ever.

Our baby plan covers the important milestones so you don't miss a single memory.

Capture the most important moments of Baby's First Year Ever.

Our baby plan covers the important milestones so you don't miss a single memory.